Why Girls With Ideas?

We believe that every girl has the right to feel good about herself, have her ideas heard, and have access to the best resources to help her do that.

The Girls With Ideas curriculum helps girls discover their strengths, find their voice, and build resilience so they can be confident, creative leaders who have the skills to make ideas happen. Our curriculum takes girls through the process of coming up with an idea and making it happen and is grounded in research-based principles. 

We wrote the curriculum targeting girls ages 9-13 but have had success with girls both younger and older using it. We selected this age because it is a critical point in a girl's life when research indicates she start thinking about she is and who she wants to become. 

What Makes Our Curriculum Different?

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We believe that confidence comes from trying, doing and working hard. Instead of just talking about leadership and ideas, our curriculum guides girls to select an idea that will improve their school or community and make it happen. Not only does this help put the skills they are learning into action, girls gain confidence from making it happen.

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There is NOTHING out there that teaches youth how to harness their creativity and implement it. We see creative thinking as the most essential skill for a leader in today’s world and know it's important to emphasize that creativity is a skill that can be practiced, not a fixed character trait.

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If you want to help girls with ideas become women with vision, we want to make it easy for you to do just that. There is no special training or webinar required to become certified to teach our curriculum. We have listed the curriculum at an accessible price and have a scholarship program available.