Idea Girl Videos

Girls With Ideas loves to hear about Idea Girls: girls that are out in the world solving problems and making things happen! We have created a list of videos of Idea Girls talking about their ideas to inspire you.

If you know an Idea Girl doing something cool, we would love to hear about her! Contact us to let us know about her story or fill out this form here.

Mira Moodi — Dicewear Password

At the age of 11 Mira started a business where she creates secure passwords for her customers by rolling dice. Check out her business here!

Virginia Newsome — heARTS

After seeing arts funding get cut in high school, Virginia started her own organization, heARTS, to help make sure students still had access to arts programs. Check out her organization here

Marley Dia — #1000BlackGirlBooks

Marley Dias was tired of reading books that did not have any characters that she could relate to, so she decided to do something about it. At age 11, Marley started a book drive to collect books about black girls like her to donate to kids in Jamaica. Her social media campaign uses the hashtag #1000BlackGirlBooks and you can learn more about her idea here

Ann Makosinski — Battery Free Flashlight

Ann was upset when she heard a story about her mother's friend, who grew up in the Philippines and failed school because she didn't have light to study. Ann invented a flashlight that could run by the heat of a human hand at the age of 16. 

Bethany Mota — Youtube Star

After being bullied in school, Bethany turned to Youtube to make videos about how she was feeling and help other girls. Her videos gained a huge following and now she helps girls by talking about beauty tips, fashion, different cultures, and bullying in schools. 

Britney Wenger — Breast Cancer Detection

Britney is a young scientist that learned how to code in high school. She built an app that tests for breast cancer — it diagnoses 99% of patients correctly! It is built on a cloud network that can be accessed by anyone. 

Andrea Cao — Q Flex Invention

At 13-years-old, Andrea invented the Q-Flex: a deep massage tool to help alleviate pain and help with circulation. She pitched her invention on Shark Tank and has sold over a half a million dollar in sales. Here is her audition video for Shark Tank that describes her life as a young businesswoman. You can get her product here!

Alexandra Scott — Alex's Lemonade Stand

Alex was diagnosed with cancer shortly before her first birthday. As a young girl, she decided to have a lemonade stand to raise money to fund cancer research for children like her. Alex created a legacy, and her lemonade stands have raised over 1 million dollars. To find out more about her story and to hold your own lemonade stand, click here.