Start A Girls With Ideas Group!

One of the best ways to get involved is to start a Girls With Ideas group, all you need is our curriculum and a group of girls. To get the curriculum you can purchase it here or apply for a Girls With Ideas scholarship to get the curriculum for free.

Girls With Ideas provides everything you need to teach lifelong leadership skills to girls...that is, we provide everything except the girls!  If you’re inspired to start your own Girls With Ideas group but not quite sure where to start, consider one of the following suggestions!  If you have an idea to add to the list, please contact us with your suggestion!


  • Family – calling all moms, aunts, cousins, grandmas and more! Girls With Ideas is a wonderful experience for the young girl in your family.  Ask her to invite two or more friends and BAM! you have a Girls With Ideas group ready to go!

  • Schools – it might seem like an obvious suggestion, but schools are looking for ways to enhance their after school programs or engage community members like yourself. Contact the school principal’s office or guidance counselor and offer to volunteer if they’ll help you identify the girls for your Girls With Ideas group!

  • Work – you probably work with adults, and yet there are multiple opportunities to partner with your employer to start a Girls With Ideas group.  Some employers would be happy to sponsor your group through funding and possibly through school partnerships they have already established.  Talk to your supervisor and see if this is something they would like to consider.  If that doesn’t work, consider asking your colleagues with children if they’d be interested in letting you lead a Girls With Ideas group with their daughters.  It’s a great way to connect with your colleagues, while making a huge impact on girls!

  • Community organizations – look around your neighborhood.  What organizations already exist for youth, or have youth programs?  Non-profits focused on youth development would happily welcome your offer to bring Girls With Ideas to their girls.

  • Faith-based groups – if you are affiliated with a faith-based organization, consider approaching your group’s leader and asking how you can start a Girls With Ideas group. Post flyers in common areas, reach out to religious education leaders, and see if you can use your organization’s space for your meetings!

tips for success:

  • Work ahead - order the Girls With Ideas Curriculum far enough in advance to take time to read over it completely before kicking off your first meeting. This will help you keep the big picture in mind!

  • Be flexible - depending on the age and size of your group, you might have to adapt what’s written in the Girls With Ideas Facilitator Guide. Make it harder, make it simple...anything is possible!  Our Curriculum starts with a pre-assessment to help you figure out where your girls are starting out.  You can easily adapt the lessons as needed based on what you see they need to work on the most.

  • Be creative - in every lesson, we include a “Mix It Up!” section that gives you a list of ideas to make the activity a little bit different.  But you know your girls best--so go ahead, get creative, and see what fun and silly elements you can add to your Girls With Ideas meetings!

  • Have fun - Girls With Ideas is fun and interactive by design, so stretch your creativity when preparing for group time!

  • Gear up - Girls With Ideas has an awesome product line (coming soon!) that celebrates girls, creativity, and you!  Pick out some cool stuff for you and for your girls and sport your Girls With Ideas gear with pride!

  • Stay social - We love to see and share your progress, posts, and pictures! Be sure to tag us when you post: