Keynotes and Workshops for middle school girls

Girls With Ideas offers keynotes and workshops for girls. We focus on speaking to girls ages 9-13, but our programs are adaptable for different age groups.

Our experienced team has organized and spoken at youth events for over 12 years. We know how to provide meaningful content in a engaging, fun, and meaningful way. In addition to offering Girls With Ideas keynotes and workshops, we are happy to help you plan your conference or event through any of our conference consulting services.

Our keynotes and workshops are perfect for the following types of events: 

  • STEM Conferences for Girls
  • All-Girls School Assembly
  • Girl Scout Conferences
  • Virtual Summits 
  • Girls' Leadership Conferences 
  • Parent/Daughter Events 
  • Girls Inc. Events
  • Summer Camps for Girls

We understand that many organizations working with kids have a limited budget. Don't let that stop you!  Girls With Ideas believes that all girls should have access to our programs, so contact us today to discuss your event.



Where Do Ideas Come From? Keynote

Everything starts with an idea. This is why creativity is the number one leadership skill that CEOs look for in their employees. But where do ideas come from? In this interactive session, we'll answer that question and share tips and techniques to increase creative problem-solving skills. Participants will leave with actionable strategies they can use to generate new, valuable ideas and start their own idea collection. 

This keynote is ideal for a 60-90 minute event.  


Three Keys To Confidence Keynote 

Girls With Ideas believes that confidence comes from trying, doing, and failing. Girls and women often tell us that fear of failure holds them back, but we have the keys to overcoming those obstacles. This interactive sessions will provide three strategies for turning fear into courage and courage into confidence.  

This keynote is ideal for a 60-90 minute event.  

“We wanted a proven leadership development curriculum to be the foundation for an immersive, creative experience. What they brought was a palpable energy that, from the first moment, sparked an interest in the girls that this was not their average learning experience.”
— Andrea Wilson, Founder & Executive Director, Iowa Writers’ House



How To Be An Idea Collector Workshop

Our most requested program—there is no other program out there like this! In this workshop, we teach girls how to generate ideas through research-based exercises. Girls will play improv games, think up new inventions, and flex their creative muscles through starting their own idea collection.

This workshop is ideal for a 2-4 hour event. 


Creative, Confident Leaders Workshop 

Are you a heart, arrow, lightning bolt, or anchor leader? In this workshop, girls will take our Girls With Ideas leadership quiz and learn about their personal leadership style and strengths. Instead of the typical talk about what they want to be when they grow up, they'll discuss what problems they're in love with solving. Better yet, they'll walk out with an action plan to get to work.

This workshop is ideal for a 2-4 hour event. 

“My typically reserved kiddo chattered on and on about how wonderful it was–the things that she learned, the activities they did, and the friends that she made.”
— Laci Lower, Parent

Conference Planning Consulting services

The Girls With Ideas team has been planning youth conferences for over 12 years. We know that putting together a youth program can be daunting, so we're here to help! We offer consulting on: 

  • Picking a theme and brainstorming topics that girls will love
  • Figuring out age-appropriate content for your conference
  • Structuring an educational event that's energetic and fun
  • Making programs interactive and incorporating movement
  • Emceeing with energy and managing a large audience
  • Leveraging social media to keep their attention and measure learning
  • Creating and sourcing supplies such has handouts, swag, etc.
  • Obtaining and assessing event success for stakeholders and donors
  • And much more!

If you have a question about something not on this list, let us know! We're happy to help you and your team take on any planning challenges.

“They saw opportunities to help weave leadership content into an existing program. Their suggestions and content were strong. And with their guidance and enthusiasm, we are now seeing the conference through many diferent lenses.”
— Susie Green, Student Programs Specialist, Grant Wood Area Education Agency