workshops and Keynotes for womens' leadership conferences

Need a speaker for your next conference or event for women? Women often ask if they can attend our events for girls because they want the content for themselves. So, we adapted our keynote presentations and workshops programs for adults! 

Our programs for women are perfect for: 

  • Womens' Conferences 
  • Retreats 
  • Corporate Leadership Programs 
  • Virtual Summits 
  • Womens' Corporate Group Meetings 
  • Teambuilding 

Our presenters are Dr. Allison Poss and Angie Magazino. Dr. Allison Poss is a school psychologist that also has a doctorate in interdisciplinary leadership studies. Angie Magazino has a masters in gender studies and has worked extensively in corporate training. Together they have presented these keynotes and workshops for a variety of corporate events and always have a ton of fun!



Where Do Ideas Come From? KEYNOTE

Everything starts with an idea. This is why creativity is the number one leadership skill that CEOs look for in their employees. But where do ideas come from? In this interactive session, we'll answer that question and share tips and techniques to increase creative problem-solving skills. Participants will leave with actionable strategies they can use to generate new, valuable ideas and start their own idea collection. 

This keynote is ideal for a 60-90 minute event. 


Three Keys to Confidence Keynote 

Girls With Ideas believes that confidence comes from trying, doing, and failing. Women often tell us that fear of failure holds them back, but we have the keys to overcoming those obstacles. This interactive session will provide three strategies for turning fear into courage and courage into confidence.  

This keynote is ideal for a 60-90 minute event.  


How To Be An Idea Collector Workshop

This is our most requested program—there is no other program out there like this! In this workshop, we teach how to generate ideas through research-based exercises. Participants will engage in creative thinking exercises together and start their own idea collections. Participants will also discover how to structure brainstorming sessions for their organization and practice.This is a great workshop for retreats or team-building. 

This workshop is ideal for a 2- 4  hour event.