Leadership Style Quiz

Girls With Ideas believes that all girls can be leaders, but not all leaders are the same! We created a special quiz to help girls learn more about their leadership strengths. Take 10 minutes to answer our quick and easy quiz and find out if you are a heart, arrow, anchor, or lightning bolt leader!

Lightning Bolt Leader.png

What makes this quiz Special?

The Girls With Ideas Leadership Style Quiz is a combination of personality and leadership assessments that we've collected, but re-written for girls.  It's only 10 questions long and provides 4 multiple-choice answers for every question.  The best part is that girls learn how to talk about their strengths, not weaknesses, by identifying as a heart, anchor, arrow, or lightning bolt leader.  Each leadership style comes with a fun description and our Girls With Ideas Store will soon include awesome leadership style gear!

We've shared this quiz with lots of girls, and they love having a modern way to talk about their leadership strengths.

How to use it

Our quiz is user-friendly and super fun! Follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign up to receive the quiz using the 'Get the Quiz' button above.
  2. Enter your name and e-mail and check your inbox to confirm your e-mail address.
  3. Once your e-mail is confirmed, you'll get a link to download a copy of the quiz.
  4. Grab a scrap piece of paper or print out the quiz and circle your answers! If more than one answer sounds like you, pick the one that describes you the most often.
  5. Share your results! Tag us at @GirlsWithIdeas #GWIleadershipstyle.