Corporate Partnerships

Women make up only 14% of senior leadership roles, but are over 50% of the workforce. The gender leadership gap is real. You see it everyday, and you want to do something about it. Us, too!

Girls With Ideas offers multiple ways we can work with companies who want to be part of the solution.

Expertise you can rely on

The Girls With Ideas team is a group of millennial women who are thought leaders on gender, leadership, and innovation. We help women of all ages feel confident using their voice to share their ideas. Everything we do is research-based, fun, engaging, and intentional. We set the gold standard for a modern approach to gender and leadership.

Girls With Ideas specializes in developing programs, workshops, and interactive training experiences for your group. Whether you are looking for an hour-long session or a week-long conference, we work with your company to develop a fun and transformational learning experience for all involved. We provide programming for groups of all ages and all genders and off a menu of programs related to confidence, creativity and innovation and leadership.

Programs, workshops, and training

Consulting, Advising, and Assessment

We partner with companies and organizations who are committed to enhancing women in leadership. We work closely with with your firm to create or elevate your company's pipeline development efforts, building future female leaders through both our innovative flagship curriculum and white label research.