Marketing Resources 

One of the biggest challenges of having an idea is letting people know about it. Girls With Ideas has curated a list of resources that will help you market your idea. Have you used a cool marketing tool to promote your idea? Please contact us and we'll add it to the list! 


You can make a website about your idea to share your progress, blog about the topic, and have a place for people to contact you. Here are services to help you make a website with no previous experience. 

  • Strikingly — this service allows you to type in a little bit of information and POW! you have an awesome website!

  • Weebly — you can use their templates to create a beautiful website for free. 

  • Wix — another easy-to-use service where you can make a website for your idea for free. 

  • Squarespace — this is a great website if you plan on selling items online or accepting donations for your idea. You can get a plan for as little as $8 per month. (We use Squarespace for this website!) 

  • Eventbrite — this website allows you to create an event on a website to sell tickets and have people sign up to attend. 

  • BlueHost — if you have an idea that will last, it's a good idea to get a domain name that will make it easy for people to find you. BlueHost is an easy-to-use way to get a domain.

Marketing Materials

When you have an idea, it's good to let others know about the work you are doing. Here are some great services to help get the word out about your idea!

  • Ooshirts — create customized shirts to advertise your idea! 

  • Poster My Wall — you can make posters for your event using templates and you can download them for a small fee or even have them printed. 

  • Wacky Buttons — create your own buttons to advertise your idea with no minimum order. 

  • Graphic Springs — this website will design a logo for you for free and if you like it you can download it for $19.99.

  • Canva  design posters and social media graphics for free using really professional-looking templates.  

  • Pexels — download free, professional stock photos

social media tools 

Share you idea with everyone to gain support. Here are some tools to make your message clear and look great. 

  • Hootsuite — you can use this service to schedule your social media posts. 

  • Piktochart — an easy way to create infographics. 

  • Unsplash — this website is a great place to get high quality photos to use in your posters or social media designs for free. 

  • BeFunky — a free online photo editing and collage maker. 

  • Scoop.It! — if you are looking for recent news on a certain topic, you can use Scoop It to find information you need. 

  • A Beautiful Mess — this is a great app to edit photos and add borders phrases to help advertise your event. 

  • Font Candy — another great app to add words to a photo.

  • Quick — a really fast way to add text to photos.


If your idea involves creating a product, you should do some marketing research and ask people what they think about your idea. You can create a simple online survey using these tools. 

  • TypeForm — create really cool looking forms for free. 

  • Google Forms — perfect if you use gmail, and it's free!

  • Survey Gizmo — planning to survey a lot of people? Get unlimited  responses for free.

  • Survey Monkey — you can survey up to 100 people for free.