about our flagship curriculum


  • There are 20 lessons

  • Each lesson is 45 minutes

  • The target age for the curriculum is 9-13, but it can be adapted to girls that are slightly younger or older

  • The curriculum includes a Facilitator Guide with the lessons for the group leader and a companion workbook, called an Idea Book, for each girl in the group

  • Each girl takes a leadership quiz to see if she is a lightning bolt, heart, arrow, or anchor leader

  • The curriculum can be done once a week, twice a week, or even in a camp or conference setting


This curriculum was written by Allison Poss, Ed.S. Ed.D. and Angie Magazino, M.A. and was piloted on girls of a variety of backgrounds, demographics, and ages to ensure it was engaging and age appropriate. 

Dr. Poss is a licensed school psychologist with a doctorate in inter-disciplinary leadership studies. She has an in-depth understanding of curriculum and learning and researches creative thinking. Ms. Magazino is a former teacher with a master's degree in student development and women's studies. She researches support for girls in educational settings.

Dr. Poss and Ms. Magazino have volunteered together for a non-profit organization that hosts global youth leadership program. They have designed and implemented curriculum for this conference for six years.


The Girls With Ideas Curriculum is based on several research-based principles in the fields of creativity research, curriculum development, and gender research.

We are currently collecting data on the outcomes of the curriculum in a pilot study. If you would like to be part of our pilot study or have us help you collect data, please contact us.

Facilitator Guide

The facilitator guide is a 145-page book designed to lead the group facilitator through each lesson. It is divided into four sections with 20 lessons.

Each lesson includes:

  • COLLECT YOUR THOUGHTS (5-10 minutes): This section includes an objective for the lesson, list of materials needed, buzzwords (vocabulary terms), an opening discussion prompt, and time for the girls to perform an opening group ritual (which we call Be Queens of Routine).

  • GO ON AN ADVENTURE (25-35 minutes): Next, we walk you through 1-3 activities to help girls master the content, during which girls often use their Idea Books to follow along. Every activity includes ideas for how to differentiate the activity based on time, ability, or materials (we call that part Here's A Thought!).

  • OWN IT, GIRL (5-10 minutes): The closing discussion reviews the main takeaways for the day, driving home the learning objectives. Girls get a chance to reflect on their learning individually by reading a quote, answering a question, or going on a quest (having to complete a task) before the next time the group meets. They complete a closing ritual (also called Be Queens of Routine) and dismiss!

We believe that anyone can use this curriculum. You do not need to have specialized training; we wrote this because we wanted it to be accessible to everyone.

Click the button below to download a sample lesson from our facilitator guide.

Idea Books

The Idea Book is a small, 100-page workbook given to each girl in a Girls With Ideas group. Each lesson refers back to the Idea Book and also has an optional reflection activity that can be completed in between lessons.

These books are printed in color and include fun coloring pages, too! The back of the book includes blank pages labeled 'Idea Collection,' which is a space for girls to brainstorm, daydream, and collect all of their ideas.

The Idea Book is an amazing tool to help the curriculum come to life and to provide the girls with a meaningful keepsake from their Girls With Ideas experience.

Section 1 (1).png

Key skills: building relationships, establishing boundaries and routines, navigating differences, empathy

This section is about styles of leadership that make leaders successful. By establishing a positive and fun culture within your Girls With Ideas group, you create a space where the girls can be themselves and gain confidence. Not only will they learn about their own leadership abilities in this section, they'll learn from the stories of other confident, creative girls just like them.

Lesson 1: Calling All Girls With Ideas

Girls will get to know each other and learn about what to expect from Girls With Ideas. 

Lesson 2: What is a Leader? 

Girls will learn about leadership and the qualities of a leader. 

Lesson 3: Different Types of Leaders

Girls will learn about leadership styles and other girls who had great ideas. 

Lesson 4: Your Leadership Style

Girls will take the Girls With Ideas Leadership Style Quiz and discover if they are an Arrow, Heart, Anchor, or Lightning Bolt leader. 

Lesson 5: Leadership Styles in Action

Girls will put their leadership styles to work in a team building activity.

Section 2.png

Key skills: creativity, brainstorming, sharing ideas, critical thinking, vulnerability, teamwork

This section is about creativity and ideas. Girls will learn about different types of ideas, while also flexing their creative muscles and collecting as many ideas as they can. Brainstorming and teamwork will ultimately help them identify the idea they want to work on as a group.

Lesson 6: Different Types of Ideas

Girls will learn about ideas that other young girls made happen.

Lesson 7: Flexing Your Creative Muscles

Girls will practice creativity and develop ideas. 

Lesson 8: Becoming An Idea Collector

Girls will learn how to explore their world to look for ideas. 


Lesson 9: Brainstorming

Girls will learn to brainstorm as a group. 

Lesson 10: Picking An Idea

Girls will select an idea to solve a problem a problem or opportunity.


Key skills: critical thinking, research, entrepreneurship, teamwork, expressing ideas, asking for what you need, persuasive communication, accountability

This section  is about the work that goes into the implementation of an idea. This section can be altered to last different amounts of time depending on what ideas the girls have and how much support and time you can give as a facilitator.

Lesson 11: Validating and Mapping an Idea

Girls will validate an idea and create an action plan. 

Lesson 12: Thinking It Through

Girls will research missing information about their idea.

Lesson 13: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Girls will make a budget and assign roles to implement the plan based on strengths of each team member. 

Lesson 14: Get To Work

Girls will work on their action items. 

Lesson 15: Starting A Movement

Girls will think about how they will tell other people about their idea. 

Lesson 16: Still Working

Girls will continue to work on their action items.

Key skills: celebrating success, learning from failure, resilience

This section is about reflecting on making an idea happen. Confidence comes from trying, doing, and working hard.

Lesson 17: The End Of An Idea

Girls will learn how to end an idea.

Lesson 18: Being A Girl Leader

Girls will talk about what it's like to be a girl leader.

Lesson 19: Being A Confident Leader

Girls will about what it's like to be confident. 

Lesson 20: Putting It All Together

Girls will connect what they learned through Girls With Ideas to being confident, creative leaders who have the skills to make ideas happen.