In spring of 2015, our co-founder Allison was working as a school psychologist in an elementary school and wanted to start a girls leadership group to help build a positive school culture. She was frustrated when she could not find a modern leadership curriculum to use. 

So, she wrote a curriculum herself.  

In addition to being a school psychologist, Allison was a creativity researcher who had just completed her doctorate in leadership studies. She wanted her curriculum to teach creative leadership because she felt it was an essential skill overlooked in schools. She asked the girls to come up with an idea that would help improve the school and taught leadership through the implementation of that idea. 

The girls decided to start a mentoring program with a kindergarten classroom and also wanted to build a reading garden at their school to promote reading. They went through the process of making an action plan, delegating roles, fundraising by promoting their idea at the Minnow Tank pitch competition and selling t-shirts, and putting in the work to make the garden a reality. Watch the video to the right to learn more about their reading garden project!

After hearing about the project,  parents, teachers, and fellow psychologists approached Allison asking her for the lessons. Allison, an entrepreneur at heart, decided that she wanted to build a strong girls leadership curriculum focused on creativity to distribute to the masses. She called on her friends Britney, Angie, and Juan to help her build an even better curriculum and Girls With Ideas was born. 






The first Girls With Ideas

Rashae. Mariah, & Jordan       


Penny, Nadia, & Pacience