Fundraising Resources 

Sometimes your idea might need a little funding to help make it happen. Girls With Ideas has put together a list of fundraising ideas, services, and websites that will help you get the funding you need. This list is always growing, so please contact us if you want to share a helpful resource you use.


  • One Mission Fundraising — if you're raising money for a good cause, One Mission fundraising may be perfect for you. One Mission combines product fundraising (with tons of positive message products) and donation-based crowdfunding. Hone your marketing and sales skills through product fundraising while your cause gets 40% of the price of any products you sell through your fund. There's no platform fee on crowdfunding either (many others take around 5% of the funds you collect on top of the credit card fees). They have the ability to make custom tees as well, so this could be your one stop funding shop. 

  • SignUpGenius — SignUpGenius is a web service that helps you coordinate volunteers to sign up for a fundraiser or event. Their Basic package is free to use and lets you send up to 1,000 messages a month. 

  • TeeSpring — selling t-shirts is a great way to raise money and promote your idea. TeeSpring helps you design a t-shirt, calculate how many you need to sell to make a profit, and will even take care of payment and shipping for you! Instead of having to stock different sizes and buy inventory, this services allows your customers to go on and purchase their size directly. 

  • Bonfire — Bonfire is another great website that will run a t-shirt campaign for you! It will help you promote your campaign and take care of all of the printing and shipping of the t-shirts. It is the perfect way to run a risk-free fundraiser without having to stock an inventory.

  • GoFundMe — GoFundMe is a great crowdfunding website where you can easily raise the money you need for your idea. It's easy to set up and easy to promote on social media. There are no deadlines or goal requirements. 

  • CrowdRise — CrowdRise is a donation-based crowdfunding page focused on do-gooders and raising money for a cause. There's no goal required, so you get to keep whatever you raise!

Remember, if you decide to use a fundraising service, it's important to read all of the company's policies and regulations before signing up!


  • Art Show — ask your friends and classmates to create artwork to sell for your cause. The artwork can be about a common theme, or just about anything that inspires the artists! You can invite parents, teachers, and community members to purchase the art for your cause. For each piece that sells, you can give half of the funds to the artist that created it to help spread good vibes. 

  • Business Donations — if you are in need of supplies for your project, a great first step is to ask for donations from a local business. Many businesses like Walmart and Target will even give you gift cards to purchase supplies. To see if a business would be willing to help you with supplies, go into the store or call and ask for a manager or customer service. Then ask that person what their process is for donating items for supplies. Many times there will be a form that you have to fill, out so be prepared to talk about your great idea! 

  • Business Partner — businesses love to help our young people that are doing cool things. If you are planning a project, see if there is a local business that would want to partner with you to help plan it and sponsor the funding. For example, if you are building a garden, you could go to a garden center to see if they would want to partner with your team. 

  • Get to Work — rake leaves, shovel snow, wash cars - some of the best fundraisers are tried and true. A little hard work can be a lot of fun with friends, while also helping you reach your goal.

  • Host a Big Event — plan an interactive Game Night with lots of board games and cards, or host a Movie Night on the lawn using a projector and a sheet as a screen.  Think about taking something you already like to do and make it into a fun event! Invite your community and ask for donations at the door.

  • Used Book Sale — ask your friends and family for used books in good condition. Host a book sale and sell paperbacks for $1 and hardcovers for $2; it can add up quickly! Donate leftover books to your local library or thrift store.

  • Host a *Something*-a-thon — plan a walkathon, a rockathon (in rocking chairs), even a roller skate-a-thon!  The idea is to ask people to pledge a certain amount of money for every hour/mile you walk, rock, or roll.  So if someone says they'll give you $5 for every hour you rock in your chair, and you rock a total of 5 hours, that's $25!

  • Recycling Fundraiser — ask the community to bring you their recyclable items (soda pop cans, bottles, inkjet cartridges, batteries, etc.) and turn them in to recycling plants for cash!