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We love sharing!  Use this page to download any of the free resources we've put together for leading groups, teaching creativity and confidence, and more! 

Get a free lesson on leadership from the Girls With Ideas curriculum.

Girls With Ideas Lesson 

Experience the Girls With Ideas curriculum for free! This is a download of one of our most popular lessons: Lesson 5 — Leadership Styles In Action. It's straight out of our curriculum so you can see how our lessons are laid out and get a feel for how we do it!

This lesson encourages the girls to utilize their leadership strenghts by using unconventional materials to put on a fashion photo shoot!

Download a free guide on fundraising resources.

Fundraising Resources 

Sometimes your idea might need a little funding to help make it happen! In this interactive PDF file, we've put together a list of fundraising ideas, services, and websites that will help you get the funding you need!

This list is always growing, so please contact us if you want to share a helpful resource you use.

Download a free guide on marketing resources.

Marketing Resources

One of the biggest challenges of having an idea is letting people know about it. Girls With Ideas has curated a list of resources that will help you market your idea.


Have you used a cool marketing tool to promote your idea? Please contact us and we'll add it to the list! 

Download a free guide on icebreaker ideas.

IceBreaker Ideas

Icebreakers are activities that help start a conversation between group members. They are a great way to engage the girls in your group to help them to get to know each other better and have a shared experience. Here is a list of some of our favorites that are super simple! 

Download a free guide on team builder ideas.

Team Builders

When you are working with a group of girls, there are times when you have a few minutes to fill at the start or end of the group. Here are some of the fun teambuilding activities to fill the time that are fun and easy to do!

Get this free 'Own it, girl' print from Girls With Ideas.

'Own It Girl' Print 

Own it, girl! This instant digital download is a girl's reminder that she has the strength, power, and smarts to own her world! Printable art is the easy and affordable way to personalize your space in a way that inspires you. You can print at home or at your favorite print shop!

Get this free 'Hustle and Heart will set you apart' print from Girls With Ideas.

'Hustle & Heart' Print 

Hustle and heart will set you apart. This instant digital download reminds us to work hard and do it with passion! Printable art is the easy and affordable way to personalize your space in way that inspires you. You can print at home or at your favorite print shop! 

Get this free print from Girls With Ideas!

Girls With Ideas Vision Statement Print

We wrote our vision statement to inspire girls around the world to strive for their goals, just like we did! This 8 x 10 print is super motivating and visual reminder to strive to be generously kind, wildly creative, and powerfully confident. You can print at home or at your favorite print shop!

Want to know what kind of leader you are? Get this free leadership quiz from Girls With Ideas. Take it online and get your results immediately, or download the printable version and do it with a group of girls!

Leadership Quiz Download 

The Girls With Ideas Leadership Style Quiz is a combination of personality and leadership assessments that we've collected and re-written for girls. It's only 10 questions long and provides 4 multiple-choice answers for every question. The best part is that girls learn how to talk about their strengths, not weaknesses, by identifying as a heart, anchor, arrow, or lightning bolt leader.

You can take the quiz online HERE or download it below for a PDF version! 

Spotify Playlist

We love to have dance parties while we work! However, we know it can difficult to find fun and appropriate songs to play when working with girls. So we made a playlist with songs that you can use! We are always editing the list and add more, so be sure to follow us on your Spotify account!

Website Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make a website (no coding required) using the Strikingly platform. Girls With Ideas is not affiliated with Strikingly, we just believe that their platform is user-friendly for kids and produces beautiful websites!