Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this curriculum just for girls?

Data recognizes a leadership bias benefitting boy leaders who often hold positional roles because they feel confident doing so. Our intention is not to diminish the number of boy leaders; rather, it is to increase the number of girls pursuing leadership roles with developed ideas. We believe girls should feel the same confidence that boys feel as leaders, a vision we aim to achieve through our curriculum and Experiences. One day, we would love to re-name our organization "Kids With Ideas" when boys and girls have equitable representation in leadership roles, but equity is not a reality today.

Is the Girls With Ideas curriculum just for educators?

No, our curriculum is for anyone to use! This curriculum is written for mothers, big sisters, volunteers, mentors, or educators to use. It is a book of fun activities but we call it a curriculum because there is a purpose behind everything and it teaches essential leadership skills! We encourage anyone who has an interest in joining the movement to encourage girls to be creative leaders to join in and start their own group.

How much time does the Girls With Ideas curriculum take?

We have designed this curriculum to take place twice a week for the course of 10 weeks. Each lesson is written to be 45 minutes long. However, the curriculum is written with flexibility so you could meet once a week for longer, or multiple times a week for a shorter span. If you have an idea that takes a long time to implement then you can extend the number of lessons as well. You can adapt it to whatever meets your needs.

For the Girls With Ideas Curriculum, how many girls should I have in my group?

We recommend that you have 3-10 girls in your groups. Leadership is about working with others so it is crucial to implement leadership lessons, that it is done with other people.

What ages are recommended for the Girls With Ideas Curriculum?

The Girls With Ideas Curriculum was written for girls ages 9-13. Research and our experience shows that this is the crucial age for girls thinking about who they are and who they want to become. Girls become 25% less confident in their leadership abilities during this time, which is why we feel it is important to start the conversation here. However, the curriculum is based on discussion and an idea that the girls choose themselves so it can be used with girls that are slightly younger or older if needed.

I think this is cool and I want to lead a group of girls using the Girls With Ideas curriculum but I am not to connected to any girls. How can I lead a Girls with Ideas group?

If you are not affiliated with a group of girls, contact us and let us know where you are located. We can help you get set up to lead the curriculum at a school near you!