Girls With Ideas College Chapters

Girls With Ideas is launching College Chapters for groups of campus women to focus on becoming confident leaders while also helping young girls develop leadership skills. Each GWI College Chapter will receive materials, coaching, and support to lead Girls With Ideas groups for middle school girls. These Chapters are positive, developmental cohorts on campus having crucial conversations and taking action to close the gender leadership gap. Chapters can expect regular coaching calls with a member of the GWI team, materials for their own leadership development, opportunities to attend conferences, and fun swag. Read more about our chapters below!

Why we have them

  • Advocacy: opportunities for college women to play an active leadership role in promoting gender leadership equity and raise awareness among college peers.

  • Community engagement: direct impact on girls through after-school programs, community groups, and local non-profit organizations.

  • Curriculum implementation: ability to teach and receive feedback about Girls With Ideas curriculum and work with the GWI team to create future projects.

Who can do it

  • Any college/university student who is able to register Girls With Ideas as an official campus registered student organization (RSO).

  • College groups should apply to be a GWI College Chapter with no fewer than three committed members.

How much time does it take?

  • GWI College Chapters must hold regular meetings on campus (minimum: monthly) to plan GWI marketing, educational, and member recruitment events.

  • GWI College Chapters must communicate with the GWI College Chapter adviser on a regular basis, including bi-monthly check-in training calls.

  • GWI College Chapters must commit to partnering with a local community organization to mentor girls with curriculum no less than once per week.

  • GWI College Chapters must hold at least two campus-wide events per semester: one dedicated to educating the campus community about the gender leadership gap, and one dedicated to member recruitment.

What GWI provides

  • Open access to the GWI College Chapter adviser for mentoring and communication.

  • One curriculum set for community use. Chapters will need to use student organization funding for purchasing GWI curriculum materials.

  • Swag and marketing materials to promote GWI on campus.

  • Professional development for all members and other GWI facilitators/leaders.

How to get started

  • Identify at least three people who are willing to lead this movement at your college/university.

  • Set up a meeting with a staff member at your school to begin the process of creating your RSO, which will involve officer financial certification. It is more difficult to create an RSO as the semester continues—check for deadlines!

  • Once you have begun the RSO registration process, contact Girls With Ideas at to set up a virtual meeting about becoming a GWI College Chapter.