What's Your Leadership Style? Why Our Quiz is Different

About 1,780,000 results; that's what you get when you Google "leadership style quiz."

But out of the million-plus leadership quizzes, books, and blogs out there we can say the following with absolute certainty:

there is nothing like the Girls With Ideas Leadership Style Quiz.  Our quiz is the only assessment written for girls, by girls.

What's Your Leadership Style? Why Our Quiz is Different from  www.gir  lswithideas.com

When Allison started Girls With Ideas, she wanted a way to teach her students that they all had leadership skills, but that there were different kinds of leaders in the group.  She gave them a tried-and-true leadership assessment.  They hated it.


"This is boring. I'm more of a glitter leader."

"Yeah, I want to be a rainbow leader." they said.

The lesson?  Adult quizzes don't adapt well to kids.  So when it came time to publish our curriculum, we made sure that our leadership quiz was written just for girls.  The Girls With Ideas Leadership Style Quiz reads like a Buzzfeed quiz, but is based in science-backed personality assessments.  It keeps the language simple and kid-friendly, while also keeping things fun and personable!  The best part is getting the results: our results are symbols--arrow, heart, lightning bolt, and anchor.  Thousands of girls have taken our quiz and love telling people about their symbol!

The Girls With Ideas Leadership Style Quiz

Girls With Ideas believes that all girls can be leaders, but not all leaders are the same! We created this special quiz to help girls learn more about their leadership strengths. Take a few minutes to answer our quick and easy quiz and find out if you are a heart, arrow, anchor, or lightning bolt leader!


The Girls With Ideas Leadership Style Quiz is a combination of personality and leadership assessments that we've collected and re-written for girls. It's only 10 questions long and provides 4 multiple-choice answers for every question. The best part is that girls learn how to talk about their strengths, not weaknesses, by identifying as a heart, anchor, arrow, or lightning bolt leader. 

We've shared this quiz with thousands of girls, and they love having a modern way to talk about their leadership strengths. We hope you will, too!


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