Gift Guide: 9 Gifts for Tween Girls That Inspire Creativity

We teach girls how to tap into their creative intelligence to produce world-changing ideas. We know that thinking creatively is something that everyone can do but it takes practice! Here is a list we curated of gifts that enhance and teach creative thinking. These are all SOOOO fun! 

Gift Guide: 9 Gifts for Tween Girls that Inspire Creativity from   www  .  gi    rlswithideas  .  com

1. Wreck This Journal

By Keri Smith

We find that girls strive for perfection, so much that often would rather not try something than fail at. We love this journal because it encourages you to try new things, take risks, and not worry about writing or drawing the perfect thing. 

The journal has perks and prompts to inspire creative thinking while recognizing that the creative process may call for mistakes or messes, a message much needed for girls. 

Price: $10.78

2. Makey Makey

Makey Makey is an amazing tool for creatives that turns anything into a keyboard or controller. Turn your staircase into a piano or a banana into a controller for video games. The possibilities are endless! No coding or software required, just ideas. 

The best way to see what the Makey Makey can do is to watch this video below! 

Price: $49.95

3. Seedling New York Fashion Designer Kit

For the fashion designer in your life that is always working on her next design. This kit comes with a cool sketchbook and colored pencils for girls to dream up fashions. It also includes fun fabrics, sewing materials, and tips for girls to then create the fashions for a cool wooden manikin! 

Price: $45.89

4. Stop Animation Kit

Stop Animation is making a creative comeback. This kit comes with everything a girl needs to make her own videos. It has a camera, software (That works with both Mac OS & Windows) that has cool sound effects, books about animation, and even a mini stage with a green screen! 

This is an amazing gift to inspire creative storytelling and is perfect for the girl interested in learning how to make videos! We also think this Hollywood Director Slateboard Clapper would be awesome to get with it to add to the production value. 

Price: $69.95

5. Bitsbox

We love this subscription box that teaches kids how to code. Kids pick apps they like out of a catalog then learn how to make what they want. It inspires creativity but showing possibilities of what can be made and teaches the skills of how to take something from your brain and make it happen.

The kits are designed for kids ages 6-14 with levels from beginner to advanced so there is something for every #IdeaGirl here.  

Price: $29.95 and up

6. Washi Tape

If there is one thing that we know to be true for tween girls, it is that they can never have too much washi tape. What is washi tape? It is a fun decorative tape that is easy to peel on and off things. After leading workshops and camps for girls this past year we realized that washi tape is the perfect tool for girls to decorate their notebooks, bedrooms, and lockers.  We go through multiple rolls for each workshop we lead and love this kit that comes with 60 different patterns of tape! 

Price: $10.53

7. Story Cubes

Story Cubes are a fun creative activity for girls to do by themselves or as a family! There are nine dice with different pictures. Roll them and use what you roll to come up with a story. You can play it as a game, an ice-breaker, or use them for inspiration for the subject of a writing or drawing. They are small and easy to throw into a bag for creativity on the go! 

Price: $9.99

8. Dohdles! Board Game  

This board game is awesome to play as a family. You use clay to sculpt ideas and others have to guess what it is. Not only does it build the skill of creative thinking, it helps girls learn how to ask the right questions and use descriptive words, crucial skills for creative story telling! 

Price: $31.14

9. Squarespace Subscription for her own website

Do you have a blogger or vlogger in your life? Get her her own website! Squarespace is the service we use to make our website and love it. Without any coding skills she can make a beautiful website to share her thoughts and ideas. If she does enjoy coding, she can also adjust the templates even further. There are lots of options and it is very user friendly. Every girl needs her own little space on the internet. 

Price: Starting at $8 per month

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