5 Perfect STEM Gifts For Tween Girls

In our work with tween girls we have discovered that the best way to get girls interested in STEM is for STEM projects to be meaningful to them. Instead of just building a drone to build it, girls want to build a drone that does something - take photos to help farmers or deliver supplies to people in need.  

So we have curated five of our favorite STEM projects that we will know tween girls will enjoy that are perfect for gifts! 

Edible Chemistry Kit

Image from Uncommon Goods

Image from Uncommon Goods

Maybe your parents were wrong when they said not to play with your food. This edible chemistry kit encourages young scientists to be creative while learning about real, interesting chemistry topics. Its contents teach about acids, bases, solutions, formulas, reactions, carbonation, indicators, pigments, gels, polymers, and more, all while being completely edible. What they create is completely left up to the imagination, so every girl will create something different.

Price: $18.00

This awesome kit uses everyday objects to create extraordinary inventions. It comes with 7 bits and 19 accessories, which allow your STEM girl to make things like a moving collage, burglar buzzer, top secret safe, and more. These inventions are completely out-of-the-ordinary and offer an experience that no other science kit can quite match.

Price: $79.99




Circuit Building Set

Image from Uncommon Goods

Image from Uncommon Goods

When a teacher and electrical engineer team up to make a toy, you know it’s going to be cool. This circuit building set encourages basic STEM thinking principles through interactive play. With the LightUp learning app as their guide, girls will be able to build circuits, use x-ray vision to see the energy flow, and even troubleshoot when things don’t go as planned.

Price: $50.00

After realizing that their childhood toys inspired them to become engineers, two Stanford graduates set out to inspire other girls just like them. Their ultimate goal is to bridge the gender gap in STEM fields, and they do that by creating their building kits for girls. With many different kits available, Roominate allows girls to create their dream home through blending building, circuits, design, crafts, and storytelling in this unique kit.

Price: $45.60

Make Your Own Nail Polish

Image from Uncommon Goods

Image from Uncommon Goods

Have you ever had the perfect color in mind, but no nail polish that was exactly like it? This kit allows girls to formulate their own colors of nail polish while also playing around with a little chemistry. With 8 colors to mix and match to create endless color combinations, this will be a hit with your chemistry and beauty-obsessed daughter.

Price: $35-45

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