Girls With Ideas: Our Vision Statement

When we started Girls With Ideas our team spent a lot of thinking about the values of our business and the way that we wanted to lead. As a business that is teaching about leadership, it was important for us to lead intentionally and be thoughtful about the culture we wanted to create within our organization. 

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We started by drafting a few traditional value statements that we had seen many companies do. We looked at value statements we liked and researched how other companies developed their statements. As we were in the process of doing so, nothing really captured what we felt. The statements we wrote felt sterile and forced.  Instead, we decided to write a poem with pieces of advice and meaningful statements that we loved. The poem that we wrote ended up being more than a reflection of our values. It become inspiration for us when we doubted ourselves and our business. It become a collection of words that cheered us on and reminded us of the why behind what we were doing.

Even more importantly, we realized that this vision statement was what we wanted every girl in our poem to learn. As we are starting to ship out our curriculum we decided that each girl's idea book will include a notecard with our vision statement on it as a reminder to them that their ideas will shape the world around them. 

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Do you have a favorite line in our vision statement? We would love to hear what it is by commenting below!