How to: Be a Lightning Bolt Leader

Girls With Ideas believes that all girls can be leaders, but not all leaders are the same!

We created a special quiz to help girls learn more about their leadership strengths. Take a few minutes to answer our quick and easy quiz and find out if you are a Lightning Bolt, Heart, Arrow, or Anchor leader!


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Once you've Got your results, read all about your leadership style!

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The Lightning Bolt Leader

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Lightning strikes whenever you’re in the room! Lightning Bolt, you are a fun girl to be around. You are always positive and upbeat, with a dash of spontaneity that keeps things interesting for your friends and family. Everyone knows that you’re ready with a joke or a sassy comment that will make them laugh. You excel at solving problems and using all your resources to make things better than how you found them. Your desire for competition keeps you at the top of your game...literally.

Looks Like

  • Looking at a problem and right away knowing that you’ll find a solution.

  • Cheering on your friends, whether it’s at a basketball game or before they take a hard test.

  • Asking for help from your parents, teachers, or friends because you know that they have something to offer.

  • Surprising a stranger with a random act of kindness.

  • Making witty comments when you’re joking around with your friends.


How to be a Lightning Bolt leader from  www.


A Lightning Bolt leader is energetic, positive, fun, and solution-focused.

Working With Others


How to be a Lightning Bolt leader from  www.gir
  • Heart leaders are driven by the desire to make others happy and a Lightning Bolt leader is all about having a good time. When they team up, Heart and Lightning Bolt leaders can create a super positive environment where everyone feels valued and walks away with tons of new memories. Play on each other’s strengths and create a team that others look at with heart eyes and #squadgoals.


  • An Arrow leader aims and hits her target, and with a partner like a Lightning Bolt leader they can be unstoppable. When Arrows and Lightning Bolts combine their strengths, you have a team that is hyper-focused and having a blast while doing it. Arrows help groups establish challenging goals and Lightning Bolts push the group forward and cheer the team on while they pursue them. This power team helps others accomplish goals that others would have thought impossible—get it, girls!


  • Lightning Bolt and Anchor leaders are admittedly quite different: while Lighting Bolt leaders can get pretty drawn into making sure a project’s got pizzazz, Anchors are more energized by the end goal and checking this task off her list. But these opposites attract! An Anchor knows what we need to do and, chances are, has some great ideas about how to do it. A Lightning Bolt can bring a dash of color and creativity that enhances an already good idea. Together they create something amazing and are unstoppable!

Famous Lightning Bolt Leaders*

How to be a Lighting Bolt Leader from  www.girls

One of our founders, Britney, is a Lightning Bolt leader!  We love her super positive energy, hilarious sassy wit, and can-do attitude that gets us to the finish line.  Our team wouldn't be complete without our Lightning Bolt leader!


But wait, there's more!  We thought up a bunch of girlbosses that are pretty striking.  Who else would you add to this list?

*None of these famous people took the quiz (yet), so we're just having a little bit of fun and taking our best guess!

New Favorite Quote

How to: Be a Lightning Bolt Leader from  www.gir

Everyone has leadership strengths (especially you)!  We believe that by focusing on your strengths (read: not your weaknesses) you will continue to grow as a leader. 

Tell us about yourself!  Comment below with something you love about your leadership style!