How to: Be an Arrow Leader

Girls With Ideas believes that all girls can be leaders, but not all leaders are the same!

We created a special quiz to help girls learn more about their leadership strengths. Take a few minutes to answer our quick and easy quiz and find out if you are a Lightning Bolt, Heart, Arrow, or Anchor leader!


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Once you've Got your results, read all about your leadership style!

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The Arrow Leader

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With a straight focus, you will always hit your target, Arrow! You love a good challenge, and you will never give up without trying your hardest. You are a unique girl, who rejects conformity and blazes her own trail for success. In school, you go above and beyond to make sure you do something great. You can get bored quickly, though, so you are always trying to think of ways to make a routine new again. Most of all, you will work hard until you’ve done your absolute best...some people might call you a perfectionist, and you don’t mind because you are proud of working hard.

Looks Like

  • Never saying no to trying something new: a strange food, a game, a new hairstyle, a dance, or sitting with the new girl at school.

  • Finding new challenges and never settling for ‘good enough.’

  • Writing in your agenda and keeping track of everything you need to and WANT to do. You draw pictures of your goals, save an inspirational quote on your phone background, and everyone knows what you want to be when you grow up.

  • Working hard for the best grade you can get, even if isn’t an “A.”

  • Being a trendsetter—not with whatever’s popular, but by wearing/saying/doing things that make you happy. Others see that it makes you happy and try it to see if it’ll make them happy, too!


How to be an Arrow leader from  www.


An Arrow leader is unique, focused, high-achieving, and a very hard worker.

How to be an Arrow leader from  www.girls

Working With Others

Lightning Bolt:

  • An Arrow leader aims and hits her target, and with a partner like a Lightning Bolt leader they can be unstoppable. When Arrows and Lightning Bolts combine their strengths, you have a team that is hyper-focused and having a blast while doing it. Arrows help groups establish challenging goals and Lightning Bolts push the group forward and cheer the team on while they pursue them. This power team helps others accomplish goals that others would have thought impossible—get it, girls!


  • The Heart is determined to find something special in everyone, and it’s easy to do with the Arrow. The Arrow makes herself known, with a unique style, approach, and a single goal in mind. The Heart is drawn to an Arrow because of her openness, and often these two are instant BFFs. When they work together, the Arrow leads the direction while the Heart leads the people. They take turns sharing both the responsibility and the praise and when the project is done they stay to clean up after everyone has left. Together, these girls are top-notch leaders.


  • Anchors and Arrows are a dream partnership. Because the Anchor keeps it all together, Arrows swoon over their organizational skills. Arrows envision what they want to accomplish, and Anchors love how they know what they want. Together, they double-down on a to-do list and can it all done in half the time it’d take someone else!

Famous Arrow Leaders*

How to be an Arrow Leader from  www.gir

Our founder, Allison, is an Arrow leader!  Girls With Ideas wouldn't exist at all without her, and we are so grateful for her unique vision, exhaustive hard work, and desire to succeed.  Our team wouldn't be complete without our Arrow leader!


But wait, there's more! We thought up a bunch of girlbosses that are straight as an arrow.  Who else would you add to this list?

*None of these famous people took the quiz (yet), so we're just having a little bit of fun and taking our best guess!

New Favorite Quote

How to: Be a Lightning Bolt Leader from  www.gir

Everyone has leadership strengths (especially you)!  We believe that by focusing on your strengths (read: not your weaknesses) you will continue to grow as a leader. 

Tell us about yourself!  Comment below with something you love about your leadership style!