How to: Be an Anchor Leader

Girls With Ideas believes that all girls can be leaders, but not all leaders are the same!

We created a special quiz to help girls learn more about their leadership strengths. Take a few minutes to answer our quick and easy quiz and find out if you are a Lightning Bolt, Heart, Arrow, or Anchor leader!


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The Anchor Leader

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Someone has to hold it all together, Anchor, and that someone is you! You are the loyal friend of the group and the girl everyone knows they can rely on. You thrive on staying busy and being useful, whether it’s volunteering in your free time or getting your homework done right after school. You love the feeling of checking items of your list and maximizing your time. Your family and friends know that you will always be respectful and listen to what others ask, and that you always want everyone to be happy.

Looks Like

  • Making a daily to-do list and prioritizing from high to low what needs to get done. When it can’t all get done today, you don’t mind: you just put it on tomorrow’s list.

  • Signing up for extra credit and extracurricular activities, and yet still finding quiet time to read or write in your journal.

  • Waiting your turn to speak, raising your hand, and always saying “please” and “thank you.”

  • Being there for your friends when they need you, and often before they even realize they do. You’re the one with the tissues handy when you’re watching a sad movie, you keep an extra hair tie on your wrist ‘just in case,’ and you always have a charger in your bag.

  • Looking for something special to do with your free time: community service, tutoring elementary kids, or doing the dishes even though no one asked you to.


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An Anchor leader is task-oriented, responsible, collaborative, and fiercely loyal.

How to be an Anchor Leader

Working With Others

Lightning Bolt:

  • Lightning Bolt and Anchor leaders are admittedly quite different: while Lighting Bolt leaders can get pretty drawn into making sure a project’s got pizzazz, Anchors are more energized by the end goal and checking this task off her list. But these opposites attract! An Anchor knows what we need to do and, chances are, has some great ideas about how to do it. A Lightning Bolt can bring a dash of color and creativity that enhances an already good idea. Together they create something amazing and are unstoppable!


  • Anchors and Hearts go together like mac ‘n cheese. The Heart is inclusive by nature, so she always makes sure that the Anchor’s amazing ideas are heard. Because Anchor leaders are incredibly thoughtful, they appreciate the Heart leader’s empathetic approach and respond by working harder than she ever dreamed of. Where there is hard work, there is success. Heart and Anchor leader combos have a team that is grounded, focused, and overwhelmingly collaborative.


  • Anchors and Arrows are a dream partnership. Because the Anchor keeps it all together, Arrows swoon over their organizational skills. Arrows envision what they want to accomplish, and Anchors love how they know what they want. Together, they double-down on a to-do list and can it all done in half the time it’d take someone else!

Famous Anchor Leaders*

We thought up a bunch of girlbosses that keep us grounded.  Who else would you add to this list?

*None of these famous people took the quiz (yet), so we're just having a little bit of fun and taking our best guess!

New Favorite Quote

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Everyone has leadership strengths (especially you)!  We believe that by focusing on your strengths (read: not your weaknesses) you will continue to grow as a leader. 

Tell us about yourself!  Comment below with something you love about your leadership style!