5 Fun & Simple Activities To Do With Girls During Winter Break

Your daughter is home for winter break, which may mean you'll hear the words "I'm bored!" more than usual.

It can be overwhelming to play Julie the Cruise Director and continue to coordinate fun activities for all of break among the stress of the holidays. Don't worry—we've got you covered!  Girls With Ideas has developed a list of fun activities that you can do at home with things that you have around your house! And, as a bonus, all of these activities encourage creative thinking! 

5 Fun & Simple Activities to do With Girls During Winter Break from   www  .  girls    withideas  .  com

1. Interview A Family Member 

5 Fun & Simple Activities to do With Girls During Winter Break from  www.girls  withideas.com

Stuff You Need

  • Friend or family member 
  • Device or audio or video recording (a phone works perfect) 

You'll likely be around family members and good friends during winter break. This is the perfect time for your daughter to learn more about them! She can select a few people to interview; encourage her to ask them about their lives, ask for advice, or dive deep into their favorite things.

She can prepare 5-10 questions for the interview then audio or video record it. After the recording she can edit it to be her own NPR-type radio show with sound effects and voice intros. Or she can set up video interviews with her own TV show--including a set and fake microphones (we recommend whisks or hairbrushes with tin foil over them!). To edit, she can use free editing tools like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

Then she can have a listening/viewing party for the rest of the family to learn more about each other!  

2. Plan A Scavenger Hunt for the Family 

5 Fun & Simple Activities to do With Girls During Winter Break from  www.girls  withideas.com

Stuff You Need

  • Writing supplies & paper
  • Whatever's around the house

Have your daughter set up a scavenger hunt around the house for the family to do. She can write 4-5 clues that will lead the family to different places in the house to get to the end. You can even challenge her to write the clues in the form of poems or have clever wording.

She could also setup a photo scavenger hunt around the house where she can take close up photos of various things in the house: the pattern of a rug, the leg of a table, the texture on a counter. Then she can print out the photos and have the family try to identify where each photo came from!

3. Build a Jelly Bean STEM Structure 

Stuff You Need

  • Toothpicks
  • Jelly Beans or gumdrops

Put those holiday treats to use with this idea from The STEM Laboratory. Have your daughter build a structure out of toothpicks and jelly beans (or even those sugary holiday gumdrops!). Challenge her to build a structure that could hold a book, or even a few books.

This activity is also a great competition to do between family members or friends. Divide into groups and see who can build a structure to hold the most books in 20 minutes! 


Stuff You Need

  • A cup 
  • Snow
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring 

Heat up your winter blues with this classic science project!

If you have snow at your house, this is a classic project to do outside during winter break. There are multiple ways to do this, we love the instructions from Growing A Jeweled Rose:

  1. Build a volcano-like mountain around a cup.
  2. Pack it tight!
  3. Then add some baking soda and a few drops of food coloring in the cup.
  4. To make it erupt, pour in vinegar!

5. Play 'Chopped' or Host a Pop-Up Restaurant

5 Fun & Simple Activities to do With Girls During Winter Break from  www.girls  withideas.com

Stuff You Need

  • Leftovers or whatever food's already in the fridge

For the aspiring chefs in your life, this is a great activity to use your leftovers. You can host a mini 'Chopped' competition where you give your daughter a few ingredients (like random leftovers) and ask her to come up with own creation, just like the TV show.

You can also have other family members compete against each other with the same ingredients and have judges decide who did it best.

Or, have your family host a pop-up restaurant at your kitchen table. Come up with a name, theme, menu, and decor for a restaurant based on the food that is in your home!