How To Be Successful At A Young Age

Success comes in many forms. For some, that may mean raising a specific amount of money for something. For others, that may mean spreading the word far and wide about an issue that's important to them. No matter how you define success, we all can agree that sometimes it's difficult for adults to consider kids to be "successful". We asked a few previously interviewed idea girls their secrets to success. Here are their answers:


Adults take me very seriously because most of the adults that have supported me are mothers of  the daughters who have been through similar situations as myself and they applaud my story and visions for other girls. Most pass the word along to many other moms and families that support what I'm doing. Adults know that it starts with them, since we are kids and still need support of an adult. We can't do it alone. -Hyjiah Conde

One way to get adults to take you seriously is to show that you are serious. Just talking about it doesn't mean that you're serious. My mom and dad only act on what they see me act on first. -Jasiya Green

Initially I think that there were a few people who didn't believe that I actually baked the treats I do  because they tasted so delicious. I created a YouTube Channel, Goddess Food Factory, where I go through the whole process of baking a treat, so that they can see that I am really the one who's baking. I also posted a few videos on my Instagram feed. Plus, I do a lot of motivational speaking engagements and during the Q & A portion, adults will ask me about recipes. They are always shocked when I say the ingredients and measurements. To impress them, I'll also share a baking hack or two. -Simone Bridges

Explain to them why and how you want to do it. Look them in the eye and make sure you are serious about it so that they believe in you. Don't laugh or joke when you talk about it. Be serious! -Mikayla Pelt

To get adults to take my idea seriously, I physically show them what I am working on so they won't think I'm kidding. You have to actually do some work to prove to them that it isn't a joke or just an idea. -Kamryn Johnson

I make sure I know my products well, including how they benefit others, and know my ingredients and how to explain it all well. -Jammy Girl

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The best advice is to take an idea, get suggestions, and when you see the suggestions take them as helpful and not personally. Don't let others' lack of interest dull your shine and excitement. You are capable of doing anything you want just listen to the good advice and smile at the ones that don't understand what you want to do. -Shelby Gogulski

Stick by your vision and remember to never let anyone downgrade your vision, because some will. Even if it's a small vision, small visions turn into big visions. Last but not least always lend a hand to someone in need. -Hyjiah Conde

I balance all that I have to do by setting a schedule and sticking to it. I even set my timer on my iPhone for certain activities so that I don't go over time. -Jasiya Green

 In our household, we practice Stephen R. Covey's 7 Habits, so "Work First, then Play" comes natural to me. Baking and cooking are my passions, so I enjoy it just as much as playing basketball or creating dance routines with my cousins. -Simone Bridges

I think school should come first for all idea girls because it is most important for our careers. Business comes second. You could also have a schedule for your business . For example we sell snow cones on weekends; that's the best time for us. Then when you get finished you can hang out with all your friends . -Mikayla Pelt

 I usually work on my idea after school and homework. If I am going on a trip to work on my idea, I do my school work while I'm traveling. I would tell idea girls like me to make a schedule, stick to it, stay organized, and never stop working on your idea. -Kamryn Johnson

I make most of my products during my school breaks, vacations, and some weekends. I also hired my 10-year-old brother as my assistant. -Jammy Girl


I still struggle with this since I am like every other girl and like to stay up late and sleep in, but with the help of apps like Google Calendar and Remind Me I can stay on task and not make things chaotic. I also schedule meetings and calls during my peak times which are early to late afternoon. I am not a morning person at all! -Shelby Gogulski

I learned to block out negativity because I'm a positive person. I also developed good habits by being more structured and I'm way more vocal than I was four years ago when I started this journey. -Hyjiah Conde

Some good habits I've developed over time is actually using my planner. Before middle school, I'd get a cute planner for back to school and write in it the first few weeks. After being in middle school and now on my way to 8th grade, my planner has become so important to me. -Jasiya Green

Basically, I stick to my schedule, study, and do all of my chores first. This way, I have the rest of the time to work on what I want and that's my Goddess Food Factory bakery. I also create a lot of lists in my journal. I check off the things that I complete and work on incomplete tasks in my free time or the next day. It helps to guide me and to make the best use of my time. "Win, Win!" -Simone Bridges

To manage my time, I create a schedule. At the beginning of each month, I would look on my calendar to see what I have coming up that month. I would also talk to my parents for some good advice on how to start my business which includes research, creating a name, website, branding, marketing, networking, etc. Everything depends on what your idea is. -Kamryn Johnson

I try very hard to stay organized but that is hard. My mom has to help me with that a lot. My mom always says to "keep my priorities straight", so I have to get my schoolwork done first and then I get to create. -Jammy Girl

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