6 Entrepreneurship Resources for Kids

All successful entrepreneurs have been on a mission to solve a problem. That's truly what entrepreneurship is—adding something to the world that hasn't been done before and solving problems. In our curriculum, we talk about "falling in love with a problem", which emphasizes the importance of identifying a problem that needs to be solved. Everything on this list of entrepreneurship resources for kids helps kids identify a problem and take the steps to solving it.

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Kids Mind Your Business is a resource for kids ages 5 to 12 that guides them through the process of launching and running their own business.

Their official program consists of three interactive workshops and a final event where they sell their products, but if you can't participate in the actual program, their website has resources like elevator speech examples.


Personality and career quizzes can help you determine the problems you want to or would be good at solving. There are a lot of free quizzes online, but here are a few of our favorites:


Kidpreneurs was created by two entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors that wanted kids to learn the importance of money management, communication skills, and entrepreneurial techniques.

Their blog highlights many different kidpreneurs and they even offer their book for free as long as you pay shipping and handling!


Lemonade Day is a hands-on program that teaches kids how to start, own, and operate their own business through a lemonade stand.

Their program teaches important things like analytical skills, financial literacy, and decision-making.

You can find Lemonade Day in many different cities, just check the website to see if yours is on there.


Jojo is one of our featured Idea Girls who wants to help other kids explore their career interests and set achievable goals. Through her YouTube channel called Jojo's PersonaliTV, she encourages other idea girls to work on their public speaking, interviewing, and research skills. 


Girls With Ideas recognizes that there is a gender leadership gap, and we believe that this gap can be closed by working with middle school girls to teach them leadership skills. Our curriculum gives girls ages 9-13 the tools to leverage their innate creativity, kindness and confidence to solve problems for life and share their world-changing ideas.