Girls With Ideas Workshops And Keynotes

Recently we've been speaking all over for Girls With Ideas and having so much fun!  Part of our business is providing workshop and keynote presentations for both girls and women and we love doing it in small groups and conferences. Find out more about having Girls With Ideas speak to your group here!

Girls With Ideas workshops and keynotes

We wanted to highlight some of the events we spoke at recently to give everyone a better idea of what we have to offer for your next event! 

Minnow Tank 

Last month I was the keynote speaker at Minnow Tank, a pitch competition for girls in middle school. This was a very special event for me because I took the group of girls that inspired Girls With Ideas through Minnow Tank three years ago. This year, the girls went through a semester-long accelerator program to develop their idea. The accelerator was designed by high school women that are part of the Iowa Big school. The top accelerator teams competed for funding and resources for their ideas. The judges were all women business leaders in the area that gave wonderful feedback and support to the teams. I provided the keynote talk on how to be an idea collector to the crowd while the judges made their decisions. 

Below are photos from the teams whose ideas included: a camp for girls to learn about medical professions, making dog beds for dogs in shelters, middle schoolers providing training and school supplies for fifth graders going to middle school, and a group that teaches other kids how to make slime. You will be hearing more from some of these teams in the future! 

Kirkwood STEM Conference

I also recently gave a keynote at a STEM conference for high school girls. Over 100 girls were in attendance and they got to hear from women in different STEM related professions. I gave a keynote on how everything starts with an idea and why ideas are important in STEM. Before you can code a website or build a robot, you need to have an idea for what the website will say or what the robot will do. I have found that this keynote which has some fun interactive games, is a great fit for STEM programming.

Research has shown that one of the reasons some girls shy away from STEM is because they like being creative and don't see STEM related classes or skills as needing creativity. I love to show girls that the STEM is actually ALL about creativity and adding new ideas that add value to the world. 


College Entrepreneurship Events 

I spoke at three different college events in the last month about advice I had as an entrepreneur. I gave a talk at the University of Iowa for the new women in entrepreneurship group. So many women showed up we needed to get a bigger venue, which was awesome! Earlier that week I judged a pitch competition for the business college so it was nice to follow up with some of the women that were part of the competition.  I also sat on a panel about entrepreneurship at Cornell College.

At every college event I have ever spoken at for college entrepreneurship, I have been the only woman on the panel.

I think that it is very important to have a women on these panels as a role model for women in the audience. I also think that it is is important perspective to bring. I cannot even count the number of women that have emailed me after a panel asking me for a meeting, advice, or help because they felt a woman would just understand their idea better. I always take those meetings and have loved the women I have met along the way. 

Women's Group 

One of the most common things I have heard from our facilitators is that they wish we made this program for adults because it is all new learning that is inspiring for them. While we don't have a curriculum for women we have developed a few keynotes to adapt our material for girls to women. It is always a huge hit! This past month I had fun speaking at a women's networking group and love doing events for women's conferences. 

Do you need a speaker for your next event?

Girls With Ideas would love to help you with your next event! Our experienced team has organized and spoken at youth events for over 12 years. We know how to provide meaningful content in a engaging, fun, and meaningful way. In addition to offering Girls With Ideas keynotes and workshops, we are happy to help you plan your conference or event through any of our conference consulting services

For girls keynotes and workshops, Girls With Ideas is perfect for the following types of events: 

  • STEM Conferences for Girls
  • All-Girls School Assembly
  • Girl Scout Conferences
  • Virtual Summits 
  • Girls' Leadership Conferences 
  • Parent/Daughter Events 
  • Girls Inc. Events
  • Summer Camps for Girls

Need a speaker for your next conference or event for women? Our programs for women are perfect for: 

  • Womens' Conferences 
  • Retreats 
  • Corporate Leadership Programs 
  • Virtual Summits 
  • Womens' Corporate Group Meetings 
  • Teambuilding 

We understand that many organizations have a limited budget. Don't let that stop you!  Girls With Ideas believes that all girls should have access to our programs, so contact us today to discuss your event.