Do You Know These Historical Leaders?

Emily, Abigail, and Sara are a group of Idea Girls that had an interesting observation. They noticed that history books focused more on male leaders as opposed to females leaders throughout time. They wondered if this affected what leaders we know and refer to as role models. So they decided to conduct a research project to find answers. 

They made a quiz with the faces of eight historical leaders from science, politics, and social science.  Four of those leaders were male, four were female. They then asked people to identify who the leader was from their photo.

You can take their quiz by clicking the button below! 

Over the course of five weeks they gave their quiz to hundreds of people ages 9-89. They asked their classmates at Sarasota Military Academy Prep middle and even went to the Sarasota Square Mall to get the input from strangers! 

The Findings 

 Emily, Abigail, and Sara shared their findings with us below:  

"Our findings illustrate that both males and females identified the male historical figures with accuracy between 81-85%, whereas both males and females were able to identify the female historical figures with much less accuracy between 18-20%."      

"This enormous discrepancy illustrates the dire need for female figures to be included in the school curriculum because it is giving the message that the only important people are males and we should strive to be like them, not females, which perpetuates the male idea that they are superior. Also, this limits the amount of leaders and role models for young girls who need someone that they can look up to."       

Next Steps 

The girls are going to present the results to their school to see what they can do to promote the discussion of women in the leadership. They are also working with the Let It Ripple Film Studio to participate in the 50/50 day on May, 10th, 2017. 

On that day, anyone can sign up  to host a screening of the 20 minute film "50/50: Rethinking the Past, Present, and Future of Women + Power.” The film which you can also watch here, discusses what it will take to get to a more gender-balanced world across all parts of society.

On May 10th there will also be a 24 hour global livecast Q&A to engage in discussion along with discussion guides for all age groups that you can get here. 

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