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The following is an adaption of one of the lessons in the Girls With Ideas curriculum. To get the lesson straight from our book all pretty and fully formatted in a PDF, you can download it here

This is the fifth lesson in our curriculum and is called Leadership Styles in Action. We have done this lesson with girls of all ages and it is always a huge hit. It is a problem-solving activity that allows girls to see how they can use their leadership styles to work together.

This activity typically takes 45 minutes. 

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Note: Anything in italics is something that you can read aloud!  


Put their leadership styles to work in a team building activity.


  • One roll of aluminum foil
  • One roll of plastic wrap
  • Three newspapers
  • Pack of pipe cleaners
  • Camera (the camera on a phone will do the job!)


  • Teambuilding


Start with a short five minute discussion on team building.

“Have you been part of a group that worked together well? What made it work?” Was there a leader?

If you have time, you can also have each girl take our leadership quiz to see what her leadership style is and how that style can help a team.

Go On AN Adventure


GOAL: To work together for one common goal.  

STEP 1. Introduction

“Today we are going to have a Girls With Ideas Photo Shoot! First, I need you to divide into groups.”

Break the girls into two (or three) groups.

“A magazine is doing an article about how young girls are leaders. They have asked you to design stylish outfits for girl leaders, take fun photos of your styles, and write captions for those photos to inspire girls to be leaders. However, you can only use the materials I have in front of you to make the styles! I have newspapers, plastic wrap, tinfoil, and pipe cleaners (and I don’t have any tape!). You will have to problem-solve as a team to create one outfit and an inspiring caption."

STEP 2. Create Your Looks

“Next, you will ‘dress’ your models (please do this over the clothes they’re wearing). I am going to give you materials and you will have 20 minutes to design their outfits. When the models are ready, we will hold our Girls With Ideas Photo Shoot."

Give the group a few newspapers, plastic wrap and/or tinfoil and some pipe cleaners. Set a timer and allow 20 minutes to design and execute.

STEP 3. Photo Shoot!

“Let’s get those cameras ready. I will take photos of each group’s model individually. After I take a photo of your group’s model, tell me your caption. Then we will post the photos to social media to inspire others with our creative looks!”


STEP 4. Reflect

“Your photos and captions are great! Let’s take a few minutes to talk about what we learned during this activity. What did your group do well?” Discuss the positive things that happened during this activity and why those things showed the girls’ leadership strengths. “Was there a time you felt like you were struggling individually or as a team? If you did this activity again, what would you do differently?”

Discuss the challenges or problems the girls faced during this activity. Avoid focusing on what someone might have ‘done wrong,’ and instead focus on ways they can be better leaders and work together.



Share your looks and inspiring captions with us! #GWIPhotoshoot #GirlsWithIdeas


 “As a leader, remember that everyone has different strengths and styles to approaching a problem or a task. Always remember to include everyone’s talents so that the group can be successful. Great job practicing your leadership STYLES today (get it?)!”

Here's a Thought! 

Here are a few of our ideas of different things you can do with this lesson! 

  • Teamwork! Consider dividing the groups by leadership style. You could put all of the same leadership styles together (all Arrows together), or you could mix them up (one style per group).
  • Ask the audience. Invite others to come view the fashion show. You could even invite a judge to review the girls’ designs. Award a fun prize to the winners.
  • Make it work! Give some groups more materials than others to challenge them to problem-solve and overcome a leadership challenge.


We like to finish our lessons with a short discussion that helps girls figure out how they can own the learnings from that lesson and take it with them. Here is a prompt to use to wrap things up. 

"Why do you think we're focusing on improving our leadership strengths instead of weaknesses at Girls With Ideas?"

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