Easy Team Building Games that take less than 10 minutes

When you are working with your Girls With Ideas group, or any group of kids, there often are times when you have a few minutes to fill at the start or end of the group. Here are some of the fun teambuilding activities to fill the time that are fun and easy to do! 


Have the girls stand in a tight circle with everyone facing the center of the circle.

Ask the girls to look around and across the circle until making eye contact with another person.  At any time when two girls make mutual eye contact, they will then say the name of the other person and begin moving to switch places.  They must maintain eye contact the entire time until they have switched. They don't need to rush just move slowly and purposefully.

Once the girls they have switched they must again look around the circle until they make mutual eye contact with another person. It works best to not exchange places with the same person twice in a way. They cannot exchange places with same person twice in a row. Pairs can exchange at the same time. 

You can play as long as you have time to fill! 

Here's A Thought! 

  • Have participants exchange greetings in the middle of the circle like an enthaustic high five or a sing-songy helllooooo! 
  • As the game continues, periodically call out various emotions that people should try to express through their eyes only (care, love, anger, disappointment, honesty, encouragement, forgiveness, trust, hope, joy, etc.)
  • Anti-Silence Eye Contact: When players make eye contact they scream and are out/switch places.

 Group ABC’s

Stand in a circle a tight circler, shoulder to shoulder. Ask everyone to remain silent - no giggling!  Without any planning ask the group to recite the entire alphabet one letter at a time without anyone speaking at the same time. If anyone overlaps start from the beginning.

 Human Knot

Ask the girls to stand in a circle and put their hands in the middle. Each girls should grab the hands of two different people, neither of whom are standing next to them.

To ensure it will work, have one girl squeeze her right hand and then the person who is squeezed will squeeze her right hand and so on. The chain squeeze should reach every hand before getting back to the person that started. If that works then you are good to go! If it does not, have everyone switch hands. 

When the chain gets all the way around, ask the girls to untangle themselves so they are in a full circle. 

Note -  this is always a great activity to get out your camera to take fun photos! 

Back to Back

Pair up girls by heigh. Ask them to lock arms with their back to each other. With their arms locked see if they can sit down, kick their legs out straight, and then stand up straight again. If they are able to do that try it with a group of 4, then 8! 

Lap Sit

Have the girls get in a tight circle. Each girl should turn so their left leg is towards the inside of the circle. Have everyone take one giant step into the middle of the circle so each girl can put her hands on the girl's shoulders in front of her. Then have the group slowly sit down so they are sitting on each others laps to make a lap circle! 


This is a game of rock-paper- scissors. There are 4 levels of evolution: egg, chicken, dinosaur, and human. All of the girls start as an egg. They will challenge someone at the same level to a game of rock-paper-scissors. If they win the game they will evolve up to the next level. 

To know what level someone is one they will have to act it out! To be an egg, participants should be squatted down on their heels. To be a chicken, participants hold be hunched low with arms like chicken wings. To be a dinosaur, participants should be standing tall with arms overhead. Once a girl reaches a human she has evolved out of the game! Goal is to get as many girls to the human level in the time allotted .


The goal of this game is to always keep your lips covered by your teeth for the whole game. If someone's teeth show they are out! The game begins with everyone in a circle (sitting or standing) and one player saying "pterodactyl" with their lips covering their teeth. Then the player to the right of them says "pterodactyl" with their lips covering their teeth. The catch is that any player can change the direction by giving their best pterodactyl screech! This is when the game gets really fun and almost every person is laughing.  Anyone who reveals their teeth are out

Line Up

Ask the girls to line up in various orders - here are a few ideas!  

-       Height, from smallest to tallest

-       Birthdays, from January through to December

-       Shoe size, from smallest to largest

-       Alphabetical first names (A-Z)

-       Alphabetical mother's first names

-       Anything else you can think of

Here's A Thought! 

Ask the girls to line up without talking or assign one person to be the only person with speaking powers.

Hand Taps

Ask the girls to sit at a table or lay in a circle with their stomachs on the ground. They each should put out both of their hands and cross with their neighbors' hand.  

One girl should start by tapping their hand. Then the next hand in line should tap and it should go in a circle. If someone wants to change the direction of the taps they have to tap their hand twice. To skip a hand they can make a fist and tap their fist. If anyone goes out of turn they are out - it takes a lot of focus and hand-eye coordination! You keep playing until two people are left. 

Photo Finish

Find a straight line on the floor or using a piece of tape or string to make one. The goal is for everyone to stand on one side of the line. Then when you say go they have to cross the line at the EXACT same time. This will take a few tries and some creative problem solving to figure out how they can all cross at the exact time - taking a photo for proof makes it even more fun!