Confidence is a Leadership Skill

Girls With Ideas had an awesome Week 5 in the Iowa Startup Accelerator. We have been working hard, working non-stop, and working on things that we truly are passionate about. Work is so much fun when you feel like you are building something that add values to this world.  

That doesn't mean that this week was easy, in fact it was hard. But's it's important to us to recognize and communicate to other girls that just because something is hard doesn't mean it is negative experience — actually the opposite is often true. We find that when you are able to do something that is difficult you feel ah-maz-ing about yourself and afterwards, you become more confident!

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This week we spent time building the 'behind the scenes' of the business. We strategized revenue model options, set up a customer relationship management processes, and added new code to our website. Nearly everything that we each did this week required us to learn something and engage with technology that we had never used before. This took longer than we expected,  was frustrating at times, and required us to ask for help.

What this week looked like for us. 

But at the end of the week, we had built systems that were necessary to run our business well. We also understood everything we did and because we learned it we are able to do things ourselves instead instead of paying someone else to do it. Our confidence in ourselves and our business skyrocketed because we powered through and learned so much! 

Confidence is a Leadership Skill from

Parents often tell us that the biggest challenge they have raising a daughter is helping her build confidence. And we know that a leader needs to be confident in herself. 

Confidence is a key leadership skill and it comes from trying, doing, and even failing. This week we experienced first-hand how becoming more confident in our skills has allowed us to become better leaders for our business.