Being An Idea Champion

The Washington Post has been doing a series of articles called Women In Power to capture what it is like to be a woman in politics. The series was started to show how much further we have to go to have women's voices heard.

Being an Idea Champion from   www  .  girls    withideas  .  com

One of the articles, titled White House Women Want To Be In The Room Where It Happens from this series caught the attention of a lot of people this week. The article described how women in working in high level position struggled to get their voices heard so they developed a strategy they called "amplification" described below. 

Being an Idea Champion from  www.girls
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This simple and brilliant strategy struck us at Girls With Ideas because that is what our business is working to do, amplify the ideas that girls have. We started this business to help girls find their voice and be confident in sharing their ideas. By helping girls do this at a young age, it will give the skills to continue to do so as they grow older.

We have found that many people want to get involved with Girls With Ideas to help us amply girl's ideas. To help harness this energy we added a page on our website. This page suggests ways that Idea Champions can support girls by purchasing our curriculum for girls and sharing stories of girls online. 

This week we pitched at 1 Million Cups in Iowa City and had a powerful experience of someone wanting to be an Idea Champion for us. Jeff Hoffman, the founder of Priceline was in the audience because we was leading an event later that afternoon. During the Q & A portion he raised his hand to let us know that he believed in our idea and wanted to amplify it by connecting us to organizations, cause and people in our space. His connections were extraordinary but what felt even better was the fact that he was interested in what we were doing and wanted to hear our ideas. 

Chatting with our Idea Champion Jeff Hoffman!  Photo by  NewBoCo

Chatting with our Idea Champion Jeff Hoffman!  Photo by NewBoCo

Who can you be an Idea Champion for?