How to be a goal-getter and accomplish your new year’s goals

The new year is a fresh start and a time when most of us sit down, write down a few resolutions, and hope they come true. This year Girls With Ideas is helping you and your favorite gals become goal-getters with some strategies we use to make our big ideas happen!  Here's our top 5 ways to accomplish your goals this year:


1. One thing at a time.

One of the biggest reasons we don’t accomplish our resolutions is because we try to change too many things at once. Research has proven that when we focus on one small, incremental change, we’re far more likely to accomplish it.  It’s okay to dream big about what you hope the new year will bring, but if you want to increase your chances for success, try to focus on only one new goal at a time.

2. Check in twice a week.

Accountability is when you set up a system that’s going to help you stick to your goal.  There’s lots of great ways to make sure you’re checking in on your goal: you can journal or blog, post on social media, or talk to a friend or family member.  We recommend checking in at least twice a week to update your progress, especially when the goal is new.  It’ll help you remember what you’re trying to accomplish and overcome challenges or celebrate success!

3. Write down 3 reasons why you want it.

You’re probably setting a goal because you want to accomplish something you REALLY want. That’s great! But if it were easy, you wouldn’t have to work hard to get it.  Grab a piece of paper and a marker and write down THREE reasons why you’re so excited to accomplish this goal.  Put that paper up somewhere you’ll see it and when motivation wanes, look back at the reasons why you want to accomplish your goal and get back on track.

4. For-get negative thinking (see what we did there?)

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. But we can also be our biggest cheerleaders! Before you start getting after this awesome new goal, write down a few positive notes to remind yourself on why you’re awesome. When you have a tough day or a small setback, flip back to these little love notes to help you keep going!

5. Fill out our fave five letters: S.M.A.R.T.

You might have heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals before (we wrote lots about them here!); they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.  Let’s break it down a bit further so you can write your own S.M.A.R.T. goal:

S - Specific: Great goals are super specific. Write out EXACTLY what you are going to do, when, how, and with whom.

M - Measurable: How will you measure if you’ve accomplished your goal?

A - Attainable: This is huge. If something is attainable, it means it’s within reach. Make sure you pick a goal that isn’t too far away from what you’re already doing!

R - Realistic: Just like making your dream attainable, make sure it’s realistic, meaning it’s something you will be able to accomplish by the deadline you set.  We all have awesome big dreams, but big dreams come true after we’ve accomplished the small goals that get us there.

T - Timely: Deadlines are the most important part of setting a goal. Choose a day you want to reach your goal by and write it down in your goal statement. We believe that your deadline shouldn’t be too far away—maybe aim for one month instead of one year, breaking a big goal into a smaller starter goal first. This way you’ll get to celebrate reaching your small goal and then keep going if you still have a bigger goal in mind!

That's it!  Stick to these simple steps, and try to go easy on yourself when you get started.  The longer you can stick to this plan, the more likely you'll be to accomplish it!

You go girl, you got this!