Welcome to Girls With Ideas!


My name is Allison Poss and I am the co-founder and CEO of Girls With Ideas. I want to welcome you to our online community with this first blog post! Girls With Ideas is an idea of mine that I have been developing, refining, and researching for the past six months. I am beyond excited to launch this community to provide resources, support, & content to help girls make their ideas happen. 

Welcome to Girls With Ideas! 

As an organization that is focused on ideas I wanted to introduce you to our organization by telling you about the genesis of this idea. I was working in an elementary school as a school psychologist and the school was making an effort to build a positive school culture.  I had just completed my doctorate in interdisciplinary leaderships studies where I studied leadership and researched creativity. I knew that building leadership and creative thinking skills in students could help promote positive behavior and I decided I would start a girls leadership group (there was already a leadership group for the boys). 

I searched both of my psychology and leadership networks looking for a curriculum or lessons on girls leadership and could not find anything for these girls that were in 6th grade. Then I thought about all of the different parts of my life that up until that point had been separate - 

  • I am a school psychologist that understands childhood development & learning. 
  • I have a doctorate in leadership studies. 
  • I research and teach creativity. 
  • I have volunteered for 14 years for an organization that plans and runs leadership conferences for high school students.   

Then I had an idea - I could combine all of these interests and passions and write a girl leadership curriculum that focused on creativity myself. I gathered the girls pictured below and we met twice a week for three months working on leadership skills. 

Welcome to Girls With Ideas!

I asked the girls to come up with two ideas to help build a positive school culture and they decided to go help in a kindergarten classroom and redo a neglected garden at their school and encourage students to read in the garden. It was a great experience, we had a blast and got a lot done. 

After hearing about the girls'  projects and seeing the work they did, people were interested in the lessons that I had written and wanted to do it with a group of girls they cared about. As an entrepreneur at heart,  I decided to bring in a team to help me build my lessons into something bigger. 

I called my friends Britney and Angie to be a part of my team because I knew their experiences and expertise fit perfectly into what I needed. Britney is a creative master of operations and Angie is an educator that has an insane insight for engaging students. We knew each other because we all volunteer to plan and run youth leadership conferences - building leadership skills is our passion. 

We had a week retreat in Iowa City where we dreamed what Girls With Ideas could be, built a vision for the business, and decided to make it happen! 

Since then we have grown our team to help us build this business and are excited. These past few months we have learned that ideas get better when you ask for help, work with others, and seek to be inspired. 

Welcome to our community - we have built it just for you and we hope you join us as we grow it into something big for all of the girls out there that have big ideas!